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Forms available at MUDA Office

Below mentioned are the downloadable forms to be made available online shortly:

  1. Joint Affidavit Format

  2. Self Declaration Format

  3. Transfer Agreement Format

  4. Absolute Sale Deed Format

  5. Absolute Sale Deed Format (Houses/Flats)

  6. Auction Sale Deed Format (Vacant Site/Building)

  7. Auction Sale Deed Format

  8. Self Affidavit Format (Death Case)

  9. Auction Sale Deed Format

  10. Sale Deed Format (Re-convey & Re-allotment)

  11. Cancellation Deed Format

  12. Auction Condition Deed Format

  13. Affidavit Format (within lease period)

  14. Marginal Land Agreement Format

  15. Sale Deed Format (Industrial sites)

  16. Absolute Sale Deed Format (within lease period sale)

  17. Absolute Sale Deed Higher Income Group (HIG) Houses (SFHS) Format

  18. Absolute Sale Deed (Alternate site absolute sale deed) Format

  19. Indemnity Bond (Death Case) (Rs. 100 stamp paper) Format

  20. Self Affidavit Format (Death Case)

  21. Rectification Deed Format (General)

  22. Row House (Corner) and Joint House Format

  23. No Objection Affidavit Format

  24. Lease cum Sale Agreement Format

  25. Photo Attested and sign attested within lease seller Format

  26. Sign and Photo Attested by the Allottee Format

  27. Sign and Photo attested by GPA holders Format

  28. Land Tax/Building Tax fixed Format

  29. Katha Certificate